Stripper Putting Herself through Ohio State

COLUMBUS, OH – A local stripper that goes by the name of Vixie uses all of her earnings and tips to pay for her tuition at Ohio State University—or “The Ohio State University” as she likes to say. Vixie dropped out of high school as a sophomore and quickly became an alcoholic and drug addict before Ohio State accepted her as a student. “During that very difficult time, no other single college institution in the country would accept me,” Ms. Vixie recalled. “But Ohio State welcomed me with open arms. They actually would have given me a scholarship, but because my mom was making $24K a year waiting at Fuddruckers, we were in the top 1% of earners within OSU’s freshman class, making me ineligible for any assistance.” After that, she got an idea from one of her fellow admits to start stripping at “The C-Bus G-Club,” the local strip joint in the middle of campus, to help pay for school. “My favorite thing about this place is the camaraderie. Every Saturday night all the girls, all students by the way, dance to Ohio State’s “Across the Field” fight song. Everyone—all the customers, bouncers, waitresses, and DJs—all of them go nuts because they’re all students or alumni of The Ohio State!” Vixie is looking forward to graduating and has plans to attend Michigan’s graduate school of business and strip at wol-V-erines. 23

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