Soccer Moms Outside of U.S. Just Called Moms

ANN ARBOR, MI – A study conducted by the International Institute of Nomenclature reported that mothers who care for their soccer-playing children are typically called “soccer moms” in the U.S. but are called just “moms” anywhere else in the world. Domestically, soccer has spurred a rapid growth in women who identify themselves as “soccer moms” because they frequently drive their children to soccer practice and attend interleague games. However, every other mother in every other country outside of the U.S. takes part in these activities on a daily basis, giving the mothers no need to segment themselves into some special group. “Why would I call myself a “soccer” mom?” asked Maria Hernandez through a translator in Mexico. “That would be like calling me a ‘human’ mom.” In an addendum to the study, “hockey moms” in Canada are just called “moms,” and “little league dads” everywhere else in the world are just called “dorks.”

She thinks she's sooooo special

She thinks she’s sooooo special

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