Self-Named “Grammar Nazi” Apparently Unaware of What Nazis Actually Did

GRAND FORKS, ND – Derrick Williams, a local man who deems himself a “Grammar Nazi,” is seemingly unaware or at least very misinformed about what members of the Nazi party actually did. “I’m kind of a perfectionist,” says Mr. Williams, referring to capitalization and punctuation, completely ignoring the actual Nazi definition of “perfection” (i.e. the complete dominance of the Aryan race and the utter eradication of the Jewish race). Mr. Williams explained that he strictly follows Strunk & White, the fathers of proper sentence structure, which he thinks puts him on par with the masses of people who followed Adolph Hitler into a World War that ultimately killed 60 million people. During the interview, it became clear that Mr. Williams has, in fact, heard of what the Nazi party represents—world domination, ethnic cleansing, war crimes—yet continues to use the term to describe his gently condescending and pretentious nature when it comes to correcting his friends’ writing. When the discrepancy was pointed out, Mr. Williams said it was “just a joke” because he apparently also thinks the hate-filled National Socialism party of 1940s Germany is funny.

Don't get these guys started on an Oxford Comma

Don’t get these guys started on an Oxford Comma

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