Researchers Still Figuring Out Best Word for “Sexy Tweet”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Sexting, the act of exchanging sexually explicit text messages, has been around for several years and used by numerous groups including curious teenagers, persistent ex-boyfriends, and reality television stars. In fact, the name “sexting,” a mash up of the words “sexy” and “texting,” has become common vernacular in today’s mobile age. Researchers, however, are still struggling to come up with a name for a “sexy Tweet,” in which a person uses Twitter to post promiscuous 140-character comments or even a picture of their private parts on the social website. “We just can’t figure this one out,” says head researcher Richard Folly. “Many people think ‘Twat’ would work, but that name is already taken by the vagina. We’d like to come up with something entirely new. It’s just so hard to follow sexting. We were already highly criticized for our lack of creativity on sextagram.” Various options on the table include “Tweenie,” “Vwag,” “Skeet Tweet,” “Chirp,” “Bieber,” “Doing the Anthony Weiner,” and the admittedly less thoughtful “Dick Tweet.” The research group did note that a sexy post on Vine, a mobile app that is used to upload and share short videos, will continue to be called “porn.”

I'll Tweet you mine if you Tweet me yours.

I’ll Tweet you mine if you Tweet me yours.

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