Pervert Baby Thinks About Boobs All Day

LOUISVILLE, KY – Area baby Aden Demos is a perverted little runt that thinks about nothing but boobs all day long. Ever since realizing that female, human breasts can provide him sustenance, the 2-month old deviant has not stopped dreaming and fantasizing about sucking on nipples for that delicious, nutritious milk. Reports state that while Aden prefers his mother Jocelyn Demos’ boobs, the tiny miscreant has noticed that all women have a pair that he wouldn’t mind wrapping his arms around and having a go at. Just last week, the abhorrent baby was caught staring at a stranger’s rack for more than a moment as he imagined what her milk tasted like. This warped behavior by the diminutive lowlife is actually encouraged by the boy’s mother, the one person who is supposed to teach him about manners and common decency. Approximately five times a day, Aden will start crying, and without hesitation Mrs. Demos will whip out her tit and shove it directly into the creepy kid’s mouth. While it might be comforting to think that Aden will someday grow out of such vile behavior, reports show that Aden’s despicable father Brad Demos thinks about boobs all day too.

Sick fuck

Sick fuck

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