Passcode of “1234#” For Office Bathroom Keeping Everyone Safe

MIAMI, FL – Since installing the coded door lock on its bathrooms five years ago, Regional Associates Corp. has experienced no robberies or violent crimes within its offices. In explaining their initial decision to beef up bathroom security, founder and CEO Blake Aaronson said, “Our first concern was unwanted strangers using our facilities. We were worried that someone might come off the streets, get through building security, take an elevator to the Sky Lobby on the 45th floor, take the secondary elevator to us on 57, and then take advantage of our unlocked restrooms.” Mr. Aaronson got the idea when he went to Starbucks next door and noticed that patrons needed a key to use their bathrooms. “We chose a passcode of ‘1234#’ to keep it memorable for our employees, but not so easy that any criminal could figure it out. And, well, you can’t argue with results.” Since inception, the office has reported zero incidences of harassment, rape, and murder—plus, the bathrooms have remained very clean. “The only issue is that the lock is a little finicky sometimes, but I usually come back and it works.” Lonely Petunia investigators discovered that Aden Jones, the summer intern, changes the code on the lock for a few minutes so he can snort cocaine.



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