Openly Gay Presenter Talks About Backdoor Trading to Absolutely No Snickers or Giggles

SAN DIEGO, CA – Openly gay compliance officer Eric Manning gave a presentation to the rest of his co-workers about the perils of backdoor trading, but absolutely no one even so much as smirked at the very obvious double entendre. The title of the presentation itself, “Say No to the Backdoor,” should have elicited at least something, but not a single member of the investment team blinked an eye. Mr. Manning just kept going on and on about keeping personal trades to standard procedure, and that trading through the backdoor is absolutely forbidden. But no one, utterly zero people, grinned, scoffed, or even politely chuckled. And certainly nobody went as far as interjecting, “I’m sure your boyfriend is OK with it!” In his final warning to the group, Mr. Manning warned of the dangerous habits that can come from dubious options trading when he said, “Once you go through the backdoor, it’s hard to stop.” The room responded with nothing but affirming head nods. When asked about it after the meeting, options trader Jane Morris said that the thought never popped up. According to her, “Everyone likes Eric.” The audience did give a slight laugh when he said some trades are “muy caliente” because everyone knows Eric is a quarter Mexican.

"Trading through the backdoor can result in a real sticky situation."

“Trading through the backdoor can result in a real
sticky situation.”

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