Office Gets To Talk About Jesus Today

NEW YORK, NY – With all of the Jewish employees taking work off to observe Rosh Hashanah on Thursday, all of the Christian workers at Kimball & Company are enjoying the freedom to kick back and openly talk about Jesus.  “We know that our Jewish co-workers don’t believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah, so out of respect we usually keep pretty hush-hush about all the Son of God talk when they’re here,” said VP of Sales Patrick Rodgers. “But every Jewish New Year we really let loose. We just sit in the office and chat about our Savior all day. It’s like Christmas in September.” Every year, the group of New Testament fans do something different to honor the Son conceived by the Holy Spirit. “In 2008, we just sat in a circle and talked about all the things we love about Jesus: the miracles, the wisdom, the endless love.” For this year’s celebration, the team plans on hosting a baptism of Executive Assistant Kelly Larkin’s newborn daughter in the CEO’s office—probably right on the Jewish executive’s desk. Baahir Amin, the newly hired analyst, will be joining in on the celebrations as he hasn’t yet told anyone that he’s Muslim.
Finally, a day to freely talk about this Guy

Finally, a day to freely talk about this Guy

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