Google Maps Totally Overestimates How Fast Area Man Can Walk

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – In creating the route for area man Albert Landler, Google Maps overestimated how quickly it would take him to walk from his office to the local train station, causing him to nearly miss his 6:20 train. “I put the directions into my phone,” Mr. Lander explained, “and it told me it would take 17 minutes. Thank God I gave myself a 5 minute buffer because it took 21 minutes.” Google Maps failed to predict that Mr. Lander would miss every single walk signal, nor did it warn him of the sidewalk closing due to a faulty sidewalk steel grid. “I have a bad hip too, and you’d think Google Maps would have recognized that in their calculations—the Gmail sidebar is always suggesting hip replacements. Google needs to get better at syncing their service offerings.”  Google Maps did successfully recognize Mr. Lander’s previous behavior, however, and pointed out a Dunkin’ Donuts, which Mr. Lander stopped at on his way to the station.

Siri, find me an app that knows what the hell it's doing

Siri, find me an app that knows what the hell it’s doing

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