Genius 22-Year-Old Scientist Backpacks Through Time to Find Himself

BOSTON, MA – At only 22 years of age, certified genius and recent Harvard PhD graduate Carl Peltz is about to head out on a time traveling journey in order to get in touch with his inner self. A Mensa inductee since the age of 12, Dr. Peltz has developed a functioning, one-man time machine that will allow him to explore the globe like no one ever has. The prodigy explains, “A lot of my friends are planning on going to Europe or doing some sightseeing in the Far East. Balls to that! I’m going to hang out with Jesus, Washington, and the awesome people of 3526.” When asked if he sees anything selfish about forgoing the opportunity to use all the love, money, and teaching he’s soaked up like a sponge the past 22-years to make the world a better place, and instead opting to embark on a vain attempt to “find himself,” whatever that means, the wiz kid simply said, “Nope. I need some Me Time right now.” Experts have said, however, that his journey puts the entire universe and space-time continuum at perilous risk should he actually, physically find himself.

First Stop: Renaissance

First Stop: Renaissance

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