Family Comfortable Enough to Give New Boyfriend Shit

PITTSBURGH, PA – The Jameson family is finally at a point where they are comfortable enough to tease and ridicule Freddy Cohen—the kindly young man who is dating their youngest daughter—directly to his stupid little face. “When Cindy first introduced us to Freddy, we were of course polite and cordial,” said Mr. Jameson. “Then we started making fun of him behind his back for a month or so. And now, I think we’re ready to start verbally assaulting him in person. Point out his flaws. Bring him down a peg or two.” Cindy’s brother Dave continued, “Don’t get us wrong, we think Freddy’s great and perfect for Cindy. But this is just how the Jameson’s do things. Hell, we’ve been ripping Cindy apart for years. Out of love, of course.” Mrs. Jameson added, “Right now, we’ll start with veiled jabs and some low blows. But we’d like to think, as their wonderful relationship blossoms, that we’ll take the gloves off and move on to more interesting topics like his inferior upbringing or lousy education. Who knows, maybe someday we can get into the whole Jewish thing.” Freddy welcomes the friendly abuse and personally can’t wait until he can call Mr. Jameson an asshole.

Look at the happy family

Look at the happy family

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