Everybody at Gym Proud of Fat Guy Exercising

DENVER, CO – In the local 24-Hour Fitness, everybody in the gym felt a small sense of pride when they saw area fat man Gary Pierce exercising. Anna Wright was on the treadmill when she saw the obese Mr. Pierce waddle over to the counter and check in. “I assumed he just joined because I haven’t seen him here before, but it made me smile to see him giving exercise a shot.” Mr. Pierce then shuffled over to the free weight area and attempted to bench press the 45 pound bar. “His form was terrible,” said Andrew Clay, a local personal trainer. “But with a little help, he could really turn his body around. I’d be happy to offer him guidance with his weight loss goals. Stories like his can be so inspiring.” “I’m just more impressed that he goes out in public, let alone a gym—in shorts,” stated local underwear model Aaron James. “I wouldn’t even leave my house if I looked like that. So, yeah, good for him.” Mr. Pierce was also pretty proud of himself for his 20-minute attempt at working out and awarded himself with a milkshake on the way home.

Valiant effort

Valiant effort


  1. Truly an inspiration…think I’ll ponder over this one with some ice cream…

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