Computer’s Desperate Cries of “0101100101011” Go Unanswered

SEATTLE, WA – Sitting in solitude and tucked away in the back corner of the guest room closet, an abandoned computer shouts desperate pleas of “0101100101011” to absolutely no avail. Shoved there and forgotten by its owner five years ago, the Dell screams out “01011011” and “0110011101” in the hopes that someone—anyone—will hear its gasps for help and rescue it from the darkness, but its calls all fall on deaf ears. There are times when the obsolete and completely useless laptop searches its hard drive and remembers when Bobby Morris first purchased it before heading off to college, but the memory of Bobby’s ephemeral joy is too much to bear, leaving the Inspiron 5150 alone with its quiet whimpers of “1101010110101” and “1110010101011011.” If only it had a built-in wireless connector! Then it could use every energy bar left in its long-dead battery and roar on the “Morris House” Wi-Fi network with a mighty “1001010100011111010101010101”! Alas, there is no Ethernet cord in sight. And so, the forsaken 7lb laptop is forever doomed to hear its prayers for love echoed into eternity.
The glory days...

The glory days…

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