Cleveland Indians Fan Who Caught Four Foul Balls Still From Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH – At a Cleveland Indians game on Sunday, lifetime fan Greg Van Niel caught four foul balls, an incredibly lucky feat that does not change the fact that he’s from Cleveland and cheers for the Indians. Mr. Van Neil is a season ticket holder, which unfortunately means he was not there by some sad accident. Four times throughout the game, he reached up and snatched an errant foul ball right out of the sky, an amazing occasion that brought him great joy, at least until he looked back down at his jersey to read “Cleveland” brazened across the front, bringing back all those sad memories of his town and upbringing.  Odds makers put the chances of catching four foul balls at 1 in a trillion; regrettably, his odds of living and working in one of the worst places in the world stand at 1 in 1. Mr. Van Neil finally admitted after the game, “I guess it wasn’t that lucky. I mean there were only like 50 or so people at the game, and most of them were too depressed to even get out of their seats.” The Cleveland Indians ended up winning the game against the Kansas City Royals 6-4, but alas they’re still the Cleveland Indians.

Poor guy

Poor guy

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