BlackBerry to Be Sold on Antiques Roadshow

TORONTO – BlackBerry CEO Thorston Heins announced Monday that BlackBerry will be put up for sale on the Antiques Roadshow, the popular television show broadcast by PBS. Founded in 1999, the mobile phone manufacturer pioneered the smartphone market but has experienced difficulties as of late due to increased competition and touch screens. “We evaluated several options,” explained the visibly tired Mr. Heins, “and we feel that there is great potential within this company. We hope that the expert appraisers at the Antique Roadshow can find that value and make all our hard work worthwhile.” The producers at PBS are very excited at the proposition. “Never have we ever sold something on our show that became an antique so quickly,” said the PBS publicist Jenny Goldman. “Many of the pieces on our show took decades, if not centuries, to become the valuable antiques they are today. But it only took a few years for BlackBerry to become completely dated and irrelevant. We’re very thankful that they didn’t keep up with advancing technology, giving us this wonderful opportunity today.” Mrs. Goldman then announced to stay tuned for further Antiques Roadshow episodes that will include Dell, Nokia, and Groupon.

How far we've come...

How far we’ve come…

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