Automatic Urinal Clearly Sees Man Still Peeing, Flushes Anyway

LANCASTER, PA – In a Buffalo Wild Wings bathroom, Urinal #3 clearly saw that Aaron Ross was still peeing but decided to flush anyway, lightly splashing a mix of water and urine all over Mr. Ross’s freshly pressed khakis. “I just don’t get it,” said Mr. Ross. “I was obviously still relieving myself, but for some reason, the urinal wanted to flush. I tried to back away, but almost pissed all over my pants.” Urinal #3, made by American Standard, had no intention of waiting until Mr. Ross was done. “Look, I’ve seen that guy come in here before, and I don’t like him,” explained the disgruntled bathroom appliance. “He texts while he pees. I deserve more respect than that. Hopefully he learned his lesson and goes to Urinal #4 next time. Or goes and sits like the pansy he is.” Several minutes later Jerry Wright, #3’s favorite patron, came in to use the facilities, and #3 refused to flush because it wanted to “savor the moment just a little while longer.”

Treat this pisser with some respect, would ya?

Treat this pisser with some respect, would ya?

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