Area Man Finishing Up Last of Family Time before Football Begins

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – With opening kick-off less than two weeks away, area man Bill Dwyer is finishing up all his family time before he turns his focus to football. “I made a commitment to get all my quality time with my family done early so I can concentrate on the 2013 NFL season,” said Mr. Dwyer as he held his young son in his arms for the last time for at least the next five months. The self-proclaimed “Super Fan” says that it goes beyond the three or four hour commitment to the Minnesota Vikings every week. “Look, I’m in two fantasy leagues, a pickem pool, and a survivor pool. It requires a lot of analysis, and I need to watch every game to make sure I stay on top of everything that’s going on.” Mr. Dwyer explained that he put in a lot of extra time this summer loving his wife and two children and deserves some months for himself. “I took my wife to a really nice dinner in July and went to the park like four times with the kids without her help. I was smart this year.” His wife Martha Dwyer is also finishing up her personal time with Bill so she can focus on the kids and Bill’s brother John.

You're welcome, son. Now, I'll see you in February.

You’re welcome, son. Now, I’ll see you in February.

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