Anthony Weiner Turns Out To Be Andy Kaufman

New York, NY – In the most elaborate hoax of his storied career, Andy Kaufman revealed himself to be the man behind Anthony Weiner, a character he just made up. The entertainer, thought to have died in 1984, pulled off his detailed Anthony Weiner mask yesterday during a press conference and just started laughing hysterically. “I got you!” he proclaimed. “I got you! I got you! I got you!” He then pointed and jumped around, giggling in the faces of each reporter. “How did you guys not see this?! A politician named ‘Weiner’ that shows his wiener to people on the internet?! I mean come ON!” Mr. Kaufman explained that he was originally going to end the joke there, because there was no way people would ever forgive this terrible character and give him another chance at a political career, “but sure enough, you guys welcomed him back.” The performance artist was actually a little disappointed in himself that he just did the same “dick on the internet thing” instead of thinking of something new for the second scandal, but it worked “like a charm.” Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife, revealed herself to be Jerry “The King” Lawler. They both will be on Letterman tomorrow night.

No way Anthony Weiner is a real person

No way Anthony Weiner is a real person

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