Aaron Rodgers Still Believes In Santa Claus

GREEN BAY, WI – At Packer football camp yesterday, quarterback Aaron Rodgers confronted the media regarding his standing behind Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun during Braun’s initial doping accusations and said he was shocked that they turned out to be true, but nothing is going to shake his confidence in Santa Claus. “Look, I was duped with Braun, but I’m telling you, you cannot convince me that St. Nick doesn’t exist,” Rodgers said. “I know there is compelling evidence against magic and there’s the fact that it would be very difficult to reach all those houses in one night, but I have to stand by my convictions.” Rodgers then told a story about when he slept on the couch as a kid and Santa came through the living room, looked him in the eye, and smiled a jolly smile. He went on to say, “I will be absolutely disgusted if I find out that it’s really just parents sneaking around the house and repeatedly lying to every child in the world. Just disgusted.” As this story went to press, reports came in that Rodgers was seen crying while on the phone with his mom.

Don't even ask him about the Easter Bunny

Don’t even ask him about the Easter Bunny

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